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Sponsors of this website are listed and ranked here among other ammo websites. Sponsors Stick to the top of all other listings. They are also ranked among other sponsors. The Blue Flash symbol behind a listing indicates that site is a sponsor.

Sponsors here do not pay just to be listed. They only pay when a sale is made AFTER visitors click through and actually make a purchase. A small commission is then made for that sale. The firearms and ammunition friendly affiliate marketing experts at Avantlink manage this perfectly for us.

Google and other entities out there want to charge merchants fees even when they don’t make a sale. They charge merchants for clicks and impressions. They also violate visitors browsers, steal and sell their information to others, while simultaneously charging merchants just to display their ads. that despicable method will never be employed by this website. Don’t even bother asking.

Avantlink is our firearms friendly affiliate marketing preferences. Click here for more information about their system.