Is There a WordPress Plugin Like Aardvark Top Sites?

Is there a WordPress Plugin alternative to the now abandoned Aardvark Top Sites script that won’t require massive modification? You’ve come to the right place, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you.

The Aardvark Topsites script was used on this website until recently for nearly a decade! It was a very unique and wonderful script in my opinion. It would still be used had it remained supported. Since PHP 5.6 however, it hasn’t been.

Moving more towards WordPress myself, for years I have wanted a plugin alternative to be able to keep it updated from a reputable source that won’t close up shop in a month. After literally years of testing different options, I found Simple Link Directory. After CSSing the bejesus out of it and then on to working with their developers for some specific modifications, what you see below is where we are now.

Simple Link Directory is the core plugin. The SLD Pro version, $59 per year is fully supported. It gives you a ranking system that can be set to allow upvotes on link clicks. The most recent mod I’ve had them implement is the RANK number at the front of every listing. The previous implemented actual sorting of upvotes by clicks out of each link, like Aardvark did.

The RANK of a site is fixed. The site at the top is number ONE and so on. Look at the number ON THE RIGHT next to a link below. That iss the COUNT of clicks OUT of this site. Now CLICK on that link, then return here, then refresh the page. You will now see a vote has tallied for that link. It will register one vote for today.

Return in 24 hours and you will be able to vote again. It is verified by IP address. It’s not impossible to cheat. But definitely more difficult. The beauty of WordPress is that if you wanted to keep bots from clicking, install a plugin to do it. 🙂

Install the plugin from the WordPress directory and order the pro version from Quantom Cloud. Use the contact form here at the site if you would like some help setting up your site.

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